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Types of SandStone to Make a Place of Your Dreams

Types of SandStone to Make a Place of Your Dreams


It doesn’t matter if you are making an office, a shop, or your sweet home, we know with how much love and how many dreams you make that building in which you are investing time, money, sweat and blood and will be spending countless hours of your life in. And you surely want it to look as beautiful and perfect as you imagined it in your dreams. So we are here to help you design your interiors with our large variety of sand stones which will be pocket-friendly and also make your place look elegant and high profile.

From the vast roster of different sandstones that we have, select those which meet your style perfectly and make a bold statement in front of your guests or clients.

Every sandstone is unique in its own way. These hard sedimentary rocks formed by mother nature are extremely tough, low maintenance and durable. They are long lasting and can withstand wear and tear easily. Now every sandstone while being made has a lot of variables like temperature, pressure, natural environment etcetera that can never be constant. And hence no two sand stones are exactly identical. This is what makes them beautiful and always unique. There will always be some difference in the color shade(minor maybe) or the patterns on the stone.

Yet there are some basic properties like the place of origin, a broad color category the sandstone belongs too, atomic structure, chemical composition, toughness, particular characteristics and uses that help us classify sand stones so that you can select the best sandstone that meets your requirements.

Some of the various kinds of sand stones are the following:


  1. Red SandStone (Agra Red Sandstone)

    If you have seen the red fort, you know what is a Agra Red Sandstone. This classic pinkish red sandstone is coarse in texture and extremely tough and durable. Due to its low maintenance, high durability, easy cleaning properties it is a classic choice in construction and manufacturing. It is widely used for outdoor purposes giving the place a classic look. The place of origin for this stone is Agra as the name suggests.

2. Buff SandStone This gorgeous sandstone is like a piece of art. The patterns on it will give your place an elegant look and you won’t be needing any fancy tiles for your place. The strength of sand Stones with the beauty of patterned tiles. Every piece of this stone is unique.


3. Ice White SandStone
Due to the high content of quartz in this sandstone, it is exceptionally white. This sandstone has a glossy finish and is a good replacement for marble for your place. Make your place look like heaven


4. Mint Fossil SandStone
For the sophisticated vibes, this sandstone has patterns on it like it is an old fossil. With a glossy finish done, in yellow lightning, your place will look like some high-end hotel or a lounge with this customer favorite piece of art.


  1. Beige SandStone The coarse Matt finish texture, the classy beige color, and the strength to withstand wear and tear easily make this Dholpur famous sandstone easily a customer favorite. One of the widest used sandstone, it is used everywhere, from industries to private residences and to high-end restaurants. Light and mild in color giving good light reflective properties, this sandstone is a eye-charmer easily. The vibes of peace emanate from the color of this beige sandstone.



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