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Sandstone is an extremely tough sedimentary rock with coarse grains and immense durability. It is formed by compaction of sand held together firmly by natural elements like silica, lime, iron, etc. Limestone comes in different varieties and not just based on the texture and colour, but also based on the strength and porosity. Various impurities and metal oxides present constitute the variety of colour and patterns in natural sandstone.

Sandstone finds its use in both interior and exterior decoration and is commonly used for both domestic and commercial purposes. It’s strength, durability, and ability to resist water, frost, or fire borne damages makes it a prime choice for outdoor use. It has strong architectural properties, which makes sandstone a good material for sculptures and decorative pieces.

Sandstone also finds its use in landscaping and for building material where corrosion can be a prime concern. Sandstone is extremely low maintenance as compared to other natural rocks.

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