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Dholpur Pink or Bansi Pahadpur Pink Sandstone

Dholpur Pink or Bansi Pahadpur Pink Sandstone

Dholpur Pink  /Bansi  Pahadpur Pink Sandstone

 Dholpur Pink  Sandstone is  also known by few another names like bansi pink and Bansi Pahadpur Pink Sandstone. The natural stones are the sedimentary rock that contains small particles and fragments of rock and minerals that has a small size of 0.0625-2 millimeter. They have components like feldspar and quartz which is known as one of the best natural weather-resistant minerals on the earth. India is a hub for sandstones and can be used in different colors, patterns, interior, and exterior purposes around the globe.

The Dholpur Pink Sandstone in India holds the utmost importance as there are used in building famous monuments such as Parliament House in Delhi, Ram Mandir, Temples, Buildings, and more. Jaipur is known as the pink city has every famous architecture and monuments built on Pink Sandstone. The use of sandstones is not limited to India the exports are high in number.

The pink sandstone can be beautifully crafted excellent aesthetics, soothing nature, and reflect the romanticism. The pink sandstone is used for interiors, exteriors, construction, decorations, paving, and landscaping. They provide a natural look and has a comprehensive strength and hardness.

Dholpur/Bansi Paharpur Pink stone has an excellent variety that can be used for interior and exterior purposes. The rough weather-resistant properties and anti-slip surface make it an ideal choice for flooring, paving, patios, pathways, and more. It has extensive use in landscape designing on different continents as well as it used in interior and exterior cladding.

The Dholpur/Bansi Paharpur Pink  Sandstone is a soft stone.It is mainly used for wall cladding, flooring, stone articles, and more. Many famous and historical monuments are made by using Bansi Paharpur Sandstone such as Delhi Parliament, Jaipur Vidhan Sabha, Jaipur City Palace,  Supreme court, also it going to be used in building Ram Mandir in Ayodhya and many more Famous Temples of India.

The stone holds the utmost importance and has been in use from the ruling of Mughals and the British in India. They have created some magnificent pieces of architecture in history. The pink sandstone has lesser maintenance regular cleaning doesn’t require. During the rainy season, these sandstones automatically get cleaned also the rain doesn’t fade color or leave black marks.

Dholpur pink sandstones have natural color and shade which makes it more appealing and elegant. They have long-lasting properties and don’t incur much maintenance costs. Customers can personalize them according to their tastes and preferences. These stones can be used for flooring, cladding, paneling, and roofing.

Dholpur pink/ Bansi Pink sandstones are available in tiles, slabs, and blocks. The sandstone has extreme durability and natural looks that enhance the look of the building. The sandstones have easy handling due to its strength, durability as well as environmental friendliness they can use for interior and exterior.

Dholpur pink sandstone properties make them best for construction also they are used by geologists. This sandstone has natural essence and beauty that remains the same for generations without any heavy maintenance.

Applications of  Dholpur/ bansi pahadpur Pink Sandstones

The Pink sandstones are available in different forms such as

  • Tiles

The Dholpur pink sandstones are thin, flat, and have sleek designs that provide conventional looks and aesthetics. These can be used for flooring, wall cladding, walkways, and pedestrians.

  •  Cobbles

Cobbles of pink sandstones make magnificent decorative pieces and luxury items that have excellent fit and finish in round shapes.

  •  Blocks

Sandstone blocks are used for building fireplace, footpaths, walkways, gardens, and more. They have the same structure as normal bricks and are available in different sizes.

  • Pebbles

The pebbles have a hard texture, rough surface, attractive looks, and designs available in round shapes. They can handle rough weather conditions, rains, snows, and extreme heat. The pink sandstone pebbles are used in building walkways, pathways, flooring, and day-to-day traffic spaces and require less maintenance.

  •  Slabs

Sandstone slabs are available in flat and broad shapes in different shapes, and sizes. It has a stunning pink shade with the best physical properties to use them for building residents and commercial spaces.

  •  Strips

The Pink Sandstones are majorly used for building monuments and best architectures India. The strips are long and look like pillars that are used in interior decoration. Their demand has been increased as they enhance the beauty of the place by standing in the entrance, and exists.

The pink sandstones come with the eccentric features and versatility which provides the platform to create something extraordinary. The architect uses the finest designs and material to built the place that stay and look natural for decades. Their distinctive properties make them fit anywhere also increases their adaptability in every season.

Each sandstone has its specialty which makes it stand out of the crowd and eye-catching. The pink colors depict various moods, romance, and what not depends on individuals’ preferences and designs. Sandstones can be used in any architecture i.e. interior, exterior, etc. they can be used for building furniture, troughs, lampshades, foundations, vases, planters, home decor, and luxury art pieces.

Dholpur pink sandstone looks as pretty as a picture as they age. They showcase the era full of history, rich, subtle shades that can be molded into creating the best classic and traditional looks. From construction to renovation the sandstones can be used for any aesthetics. The Jatin Stones is one of the leading sandstones manufacturers in India has every type of natural stones in different shape, size, and styles.


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  • Greg Sungreen
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    Pink sandstone seems pretty gay to me. But, of course, I can’t see any reason why a pink sandstone might be adopted for a guy.

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