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Lime Stone for Construction and Buildings

Lime Stone for Construction and Buildings

Limestones are versatile and can be used in many forms for home constructions, and buildings, walls, floors. We put so much effort and invest time in building the perfect place for us and with the limestones, it enhances the renovation process also can help in building sleek sharp looks in the new edgy structure in the buildings.

The limestones are available in various forms which can be used in slabs, tiles, wall cladding stones, colors, and more. Limestone blocks used in building structures, stone cladding, floor paving, and tiles.

In India, Limestones are present in the major reserves which can provide customers different limestone colors to choose according to their preferences. The customers can get natural stone suppliers in their area and get their popular limestones easily for buildings and construction purposes.

Maximum use of limestones

In your day to day life to precious monuments have been built by the limestones you see around you. From prominent Pyramid to major cities, and many famous architectures as built with the limestone. Limestones have excellent looks, maximum durability, and perform for a long duration.

Limestones products are available in different colors and sizes can be used in different products such as tiles, tabletops, backsplashes, and pavers. The Limestones can be used or interior as well as exterior.

For Interior, it can be used on countertops, worktops, fireplace hearths, mantles, kitchen hoods, sinks, and wall panels.

For Outdoor, it can be used as wall cladding, paving, pool, caping, fountains, patio, and natural landscaping.

Physical Properties of Limestones

Limestones have a compressive strength of 1800 to 2100 kg with a density of 2.5-2.65 kg/m3. It comes with water absorption of below 1% with weather impact with high resistance.

Limestones for Construction

For indoor and outdoor construction structures it requires different limestone colors to prepare new and existing construction projects. Limestones can entirely change the appearance, styles, looks as well as it enhances the performance.

The natural stones are cost-effective in comparison to other stone products limestones products are quality products available at competitive prices.  The limestones are available in different colors such as green, black, pink, or grey color in different sizes with excellent fit and finish which are best for wall and floor architecture. The demand for limestones is available in the large square tiles and rectangle tiles which has a hard and durable structure that can easily fit in the interior and exterior. They can be used for private and commercial properties which are beautifully crafted and enhance the beauty and increase the beauty and value of limestone products.

The limestones are available in large sizes which can be divided into slabs and tiles. These can be used in any sort of construction as they can withstand in any weather conditions and they can be mainly used for floor tiles also they can be used as wall cladding, and countertops. Limestones have always been customer due to its features and subtle looks.

Limestones can be shaped into blocks or bricks as they provide end products. and the availability is worldwide which provides you the option to have a construction of your own choice with limestones. Limestones blocks have high strength due to their density they can deal with external forces. Limestones are strong and can easily survive in any weather conditions and as well as season without any wear and tear.

Limestone has high protection from consumption, this is made more clear with the proof of the high quality just as the fine grains of limestone rock. The fine grains of limestone rock permit conservativeness and this assembles onto the overall quality of limestone rock.

Likewise, limestone rock in the structure and development industry can be profoundly cleaned. This depends on the trademark little estimated particles of limestone rock which on cleaning limestone rock surface, we end up with a smooth surface. This has taken into account the advancement and assembling of an assortment of limestone tiles just as surface wrapping up.

There has additionally evolved a wide range of manners by which limestone completing can be made subsequently giving an assortment to the invested individual just as addressing their requirements as for feel. Limestone rock has various shading variations in a wide range of shades which particularly effectively meet the necessities of any purchaser.

Limestone can likewise be utilized in street development where limestone total is joined into framing the base of the street.

Benefits of using limestones

  • Durability

Limestone is one of the most durable materials which can be used for construction and buildings with extreme weather-resistant qualities. The corrosion of these materials doesn’t affect the structure of the stone.

  • Versatile

It has extreme versatility also they are present in off-white colors which can easily be molded into different shapes, sizes. They can easily be shaped into blocks, bricks to make them more useful.

  • Good Conductor of Heat

Limestones cool your place even your home naturally be cool due to its interior as well as it can be a money-saver as it reduces the electricity bill.

Available Stones in LimeStone

In north India We have KotaBlue, KotaBrown , KotaBlack, KotaHoney and from South India we have Kuddpah Black, Kurnool Grey, Tandoor Yellow, and few more colours.


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