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    Sand Stones in the construction Building

    Sand Stones in the construction Building

    Sandstone in the construction of buildings Sandstones are formed by the sedimentary rock formed under the oceans, lakes, and rivers which contains mineral particles, quartz, or feldspar which is a suitable and popular material for building. This material is more resistant which cannot be affected by the weather conditions. The sandstones are available in different

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    Agra Red Sandstone

    Agra Red Sandstone

    AGRA Red Sand Stone wall cladding Tiles in Rockface surface. These are natural stones tiles, it’s the oldest Stone in India and still, it leads the market. This wall cladding Tile Pattern is having 200×200, 200×100, 100×100,100×50 And 50×50 mm sizes and 12 to 18 mm thicknesses. It’s lightweight Stone which is easy to fix

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